Success Stories

Who has Marillac Social Center helped?

Carrie, age 14, is a freshman at Westinghouse College Prep.

Carrie started to come to Hope Junior in Kindergarten. She has participated in all aspects including 5 years of piano lessons, basketball, drama, tutoring, etc…when describing the program Carrie says “Hope Junior is the Best! It teaches responsibility, being honest but most of all we are a part of a family. It is a place where everyone is accepted for who they are. Personally Hope Junior has helped me become a better person physically and mentally.” Carrie is an excellent student and athlete. After years of playing on Marillac’s team she is now an integral part of the Westinghouse team. Carrie says that “Hope Junior has always been a part of my life-I plan on staying in the program a long time. I want to help younger kids the way so many people helped me.”

I’Coi is a young woman who grew up in Hope Junior.

She received her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and her Master’s degree from Bath Spa University in England. I’Coi went through a very competitive process before being named to a Pritzker fellowship at WBEZ National Public Radio in Chicago. I’coi is a lifelong writer who has completed several children’s novels and short stories. Deanna, Hope Junior Director, nominated I’coi for this position. Deanna said that after receiving calls from two volunteers about the position she became convinced that I’coi would be great. I’coi says the work is challenging and exciting. She has been a key contributor to an important community story about the lack of healthy and fresh foods in Chicago’ s low income neighborhoods titled “Food Deserts.” She has also has investigated and reported on air “Growing up with Asthma” about her own experiences and a piece about “Common Threads” a culinary program for children. Check out WBEZ radio to hear more from I’co.


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