Staff Bios

At Marillac House, we place a strong emphasis on staff professionalism and encourage on-going education in order to maintain our quality employee standards.

Gwen Horton is the Director of Project Hope. Gwen graduated from Northeastern University. She started at Marillac in 1979 as a preschool teacher/coordinator. Gwen was program coordinator for 8 years for Marillac’s Rockwell Garden recreation program. She has worked in Project hope for 19 years. 773-722-7440 Ext. 3211

Mary Smith is a Group Coordinator/Doula Supervisor. Mary is a graduate of National Lewis University. She received a M.S. with a concentration in counseling. Mary has worked as a teacher at Marillac since 1996. She joined Project Hope in January 2010. 773-722-7440 Ext. 3237

Mary Cossom is a Home Visitor. Mary promotes bonding and attachment between teen parents and their children. She is a certified PAT Educator and received extensive home visiting training through the Ounce of Prevention Fund over her 13 years at Marillac. Mary also is the data entry specialist for Project Hope. or 773-722-7440 Ext. 3238

Peggy Brewer is a Home Visitor/Doula. Peggy is a home visitor/Doula. She is a certified Parent Educator and has received extensive training from the Ounce of Prevention Fund and Health Connect. Peggy is also a Doula who advocates for the teens and coaches through labor and delivery. She has been at Marillac for over 10 years. or 773-722-7440 Ext. 3239

Loretha Weisinger is a Doula. Loretha has participated in extensive training given by Health Connect One, the Ounce of Prevention Fund and the National Dona Organization. She is a certified Doula who has presented at many workshops and participates in training new Doulas. Loretha is a certified Doula with 14 years experience. She is featured in the Documentary The Doula Story.  or 773-722-7440 Ext. 3235

Anita Moss started with Project Hope in 1989 at the Rockwell Gardens Housing Projects, this program was an extension of Marillac’s Teen Parents program.  Anita worked there as a homevisitor with one of the Daughters of Charity.   When the program closed, she was integrated into the teen Parent Program housed in Marillac House.  When Doula services were introduced to program, Anita was trained and became a Certified Doula.  Anita has attended many births and continues to provide quality Doula services as a veteran Doula. or 773-722-7440 (ext. 3217)

Melanie McCullough has been working at Marillac House since October of 2007.  She first started as an After school Matters Drama Instructor working with the teens,  and joined Project Hope in April of 2012  as a Home Visitor for a newly  added program geared, for moms 20-25 years old.  She received her BA from Columbia College in Liberal Arts. Melanie brings a wealth of information to the program and is a great role model for the moms. 773-722-7440 (ext. 3201)

Danielle Thigpen began working at Marillac House in July of 2007, as a Pre-School teacher. She joined Project Hope in June of 2012, as a Home Visitor/Doula. While working in a Head Start program she received a scholarship, and attended Kendall College, where she graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education. She is currently attending Capella University, and pursuing a MS in Education majoring in Curriculum Instruction.  Her  experience in early childhood is a plus for curriculum development for young children. 773-722-7440 (ext.3236)


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